A few good people

November 27, 2012

We’ve had a busy year at Playbook Communications and we’re in the midst of planning for 2013.

In reflecting on the year we’ve had, it’s clear our success comes from our team’s effortless ability to move between GR and PR projects, our ability to identify and deliver programs that can best achieve our clients’ objectives, and our commitment to delivering tangible results.

The reality is our team has been tackling an increasingly broad-range of government relations projects, covering everything from procurement to policy advocacy to profile building. And on the public relations side, our communications strategies have become increasingly integrated. While media outreach is still a cornerstone of our PR work, our programs are also employing more social media, website development and targeted advertising, than ever before. Our aggressive campaign-style approach to both GR and PR projects helps ensure we deliver meaningful results for our clients.

With success, comes growth. With this in mind, we want to begin identifying future team members. You can find our most recent posting on the careers page of the website. What might be helpful in addition to the posting, is my view on the DNA make-up of the typical Playbook team member, which I’d characterize this way:

  • No. 1, our team is made up of smart people, who get stuff done.
  • We are political animals. Today, we do not have a single consultant who has not worked in the political arena on some level.
  • We know media. Our team is made up of many former journalists and folks with long histories of engaging media and opinion leaders.
  • We are networked. Our team members’ professional experiences mean they know how to reach out to the people our clients care about most.

If you are interested in an exciting new opportunity, please take a look at the most recent posting on our careers page. If you think you possess some of the Playbook DNA, please be sure to reach out. We are committed to building a team of smart people who get stuff done!

- Mike