When it really matters to our clients, when they need to reach the people they care about the most, we provide the plan. At Playbook executing smart, savvy, aggressive strategies that move opinions and sales figures is what we do best.

Whether it’s one person sitting in Ottawa or Canadians across the country, we deliver integrated campaigns that use every available resource to help our clients accomplish their goals. If it’s a crisis and it feels like there’s no time, we mobilize our team to manage you through it.

What We Do

Playbook provides insightful strategic counsel, launches creative public relations campaigns and executes hard-hitting public affairs strategies.Learn More

Our Team

Playbook’s success is built into our team’s DNA.Learn More

Our Brand

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The team at Playbook quickly got to the heart of the matter and built a traditional and social media strategy that delivered high-quality, front page coverage.
Sean Reid, Chair, Stop The Trades Tax Campaign
They instantly understood the importance of communicating with government and media and worked diligently to get our message out to make an impact.
Sean Reid, Chair, Stop The Trades Tax Campaign
Our team is made up of smart people who get stuff done. We are political animals, who know media and are well networked. That’s the Playbook DNA.
Mike Van Soelen, President
Playbook is an awesome place to work, and judging by the amazing growth we’ve had in the last five years I think it’s going to keep getting better.
Amanda Galbraith, Account Director
Our priority is always our clients. I pride myself on ensuring each client feels like I’m a part of their team and 100 per cent focused on what they need
Amanda Galbraith, Account Director
Our success comes from our team’s effortless ability to move between GR and PR projects and our commitment to delivering tangible results.
Mike Van Soelen, President