Playbook is a communications and public affairs firm that helps clients engage the people they care about most.

What We Do

Playbook helps leading organizations tell their stories, move the meter on critical issues and enhance their brand reputations. We begin with smart counsel and understand that effective engagement requires creativity, modern tools and expert execution.

Public Relations

Playbook public relations campaigns begin with a strategic plan that allows our clients to engage with their key audiences. Whether speaking to people directly, through new or traditional media, or creating an online home for a brand or an issue-based campaign, our focus is on smart council and expert execution to allow our clients to achieve their most important objectives.

Crisis Communications & Issues Management

Playbook helps organizations plan for their ‘worst day’. Our comprehensive crisis communications planning program ensures clients are ready to speak quickly and clearly during times of intense interest. If your nightmare day is already upon you, contact Playbook’s 24-hr crisis line at 1-877-667-9719.

Public Affairs

Playbook’s public affairs expertise helps clients achieve their organizational objectives, whether raising profile with government decision makers, rallying stakeholder communities around an important issue, or seeking specific budgetary, legislative or regulatory outcomes. We believe effective public affairs outreach requires the highest ethical standards and a comprehensive set of tools to be effective.

Content Development and Writing

Playbook’s Content House helps clients generate a wide range of materials. We help clients speak to both internal and external audiences. Whether building a tweet bank, drafting blog posts, or handling speeches, annual reports and policy papers, we take pride in being able to help our clients’ voices reach their key audiences.

Spokesperson and Presentation Training

Whether a media interview is on the schedule or a presentation is planned for an AGM, Playbook helps its clients ensure these opportunities are approached strategically and with confidence. Training is an effective way to ensure spokespeople can properly tell their story to the people gathered in a room or to audiences through the media. Playbook provides a range of training programs to prepare spokespeople for their most challenging encounters.

Media and Legislative Monitoring

Staying up-to-date on issues and current events is critical to organizations wanting to be successful in our fast-paced information-rich world. Playbook helps clients track and distill critical information to ensure they stay on top of media coverage and legislative developments. Playbook aggregates key information by utilizing a suite of monitoring tools and puts it in the hands of busy executives and organization members to ensure nothing is missed.

Who We Are

Playbook’s team sets it apart. We know traditional and new media, how to work with government and how to listen to and engage target audiences. We love all things digital, can run research to answer the big questions and monitor the conversations that matter most.